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Smart IP Based Visitor Redirection!

  • Redirect visitors based on keywords used to find your pages.
  • Create 1000's of sticky search engine listings on your niche keywords!
  • Built-in stats to track your success.
  • Effortless setup!

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Introducing WordPress Cloaker

“WordPress Cloaker is smoking hot software! The SEO on my site is powered by a genius system. I’m receiving visitors in droves and my sales are expanding every day. Thank you for a great new tool!”

– Jeff, Salt Lake City, UT

WordPress Cloaker is a powerful yet very simple to use plugin for WordPress that installs in minutes. Once installed, your control panel will allow you to:

  • Drive lots of targeted traffic to your blog
  • Redirect those visitors to landing pages, squeeze pages, affiliate web pages or any other pages you choose.
  • You can even redirect to pages based on the keywords used to find your site via the Search Engines.
  • PPC Benefits: Automatically create keyword rich, optimized pages. WPC will then redirect PPC clicks to any landing page of your choice. In hours, watch your PPC Costs go way down as your Quality Score goes up!
  • Used by top PPC Coaches around the Web!

The Skinny on Blog Cloaking with WordPress Cloaker

You can instruct WordPress Cloaker to monitor what keywords people search for to find your site. Your WordPress Cloaker cloaking software will redirect each visitor to a specific page around the web based on your settings. Send people to wherever you feel you will make the most money.

For example, do you sell green widgets through an affiliate offer? Forget about convincing the visitor to click your link. Every time someone searches for “green widgets” WPC will redirect them instantly and invisibly to any page of your choice. This alone can account for increased sales and conversions of 500% or more.

Build 1000’s of Highly SEO’d pages on Auto-Pilot!

You can even completely automate the building of entire blogs with 500 pages or more in mere minutes using popular content generation methods. I will teach you how. In most cases it will take you only 5-10 minutes to do. You will have a 500+ page web site optimized for SEO, targeting any niche you choose. You can get hundreds or even thousands of pages listed in Google.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

Once you’re done, turn around and do it again and again building yourself an empire of hard-hitting, optimized cloaked blogs driving traffic by the thousands to any location of your choice. Ladies and gents, this is how the big boys play and you are just minutes away from joining them.

If you could build a huge blog in minutes and use WordPress Cloaker to redirect all your targeted web traffic from these ugly, optimized blogs to your real conversion pages, squeeze pages or even directly to an affiliate’s web site – wouldn’t you want to do that?

Better Auto-Blogging Methods!

The amazing thing is, the above approach is NOT even the BEST way to pull web traffic from auto-blogs. WordPress Cloaker is not only a tool. It also brings with it a basket of methods and approaches that we will teach you.

Be ready to learn THE MOST ADVANCED auto-blogging methods known. You will learn by-numbers approaches that actually work.

With the help of our methods, it is completely possible to bring in considerable daily traffic for nearly any niche, consistently, without getting your sites blacklisted, banned, de-listed or put into any sandboxes or supplemental indexes.

And, with today’s PPC costs ranging from $1 – 10 per click for top keywords, it is a necessity to find a better, more affordable and sustainable traffic solution.

Finally, a Magic Pill!

Pffft! If you believe that, you’re in for a World of disappointment. Unfortunately, there is NO SUCH THING as a magic pill in online marketing and WordPress Cloaker is no exception… I wish it weren’t true.

That said, with the help of smart methods and a little work, you can quickly be on your way to generating targeted web traffic to almost ANY niche and the best part is, the traffic won’t go away! You won’t have to pay a whopping bill to Google every month for every single visitor as if Google OWNS the Internet.

Claim your own Online Real Estate!

The problem with cloaking and auto-site creation in the past has been that it is difficult to KEEP listings in the Search Engines once you get them. Sites get de-listed or sometimes don’t even get listed in the first place.

But, where there is a problem, there is always a solution.

We did not just build WordPress Cloaker as a product. We’ve been using it and testing it for well over a year and a half, day-in, day-out. We’ve already put many approaches to work for us, finding what works and what doesn’t work.

All of our discoveries on auto-blogging will be shared with you once you begin using WordPress Cloaker for yourself.

Things You May Not Know!

  • Did you know that Search Engines WILL bring traffic to your blog BUT, there are two other approaches that may generate even MORE traffic than the search engines!These other methods are capable of bringing traffic every single day to your blogs, on auto-pilot, for almost ANY NICHE, and are ONLY available with WordPress Cloaker!
  • There is One Major Flaw in 99% of all cloaking software that causes sites to get de-listed by the Search Engines. We know what people are doing wrong, how to fix it and, we will provide you with a no-hands on solution that will finally Fix this problem!
  • 99% of all WordPress Content Generation Methods are flawed. The methods currently being used and taught will decrease your daily traffic considerably. With WordPress Cloaker you can STOP getting your auto-blogs banned and START tapping into more steady, daily traffic that never goes away.
  • Referrer Faking: With WordPress Cloaker, it is easy to redirect traffic to high paying CPA offers and affiliate landing pages.But, sometimes, it’s important to protect your traffic sources from your Affiliate Managers. You may wish to hide the fact that you are cloaking from your affiliates. Or, perhaps you are afraid that your Affiliate Managers will steal your traffic sources or nose around and discover your private, creative techniques for increasing conversions.Regardless of your reasoning, WordPress Cloaker has two built-in methods for faking referrers to protect your traffic sources from prying eyes – ONLY available with WordPress Cloaker!

Earning online is not rocket science. Your success is all about taking many simple actions. None of those actions independently are very difficult to do. Anyone can be successful on the web. Tools like WordPress Cloaker and the methods we provide our users make it very easy for even a non-technical person. All you have to do is recognize the opportunity and take one small action. It’s simple and the possibilities are endless!

WordPress Cloaker will open up doors for any online marketer, new or experienced alike. Check out some of the new features:

WordPress Cloaker Features Breakdown…

  • Simple 5-minute installation
  • Easy to configure and use
  • Allows you to redirect site visitors instantly and invisibly to any web page of your choice. You can even redirect visitors based on the keywords they use to find your pages!
  • Referrer Faking
  • Target-cloak entire blog categories, independently
  • IP based redirection — the safest way to cloak
  • The most extensive Spider IP List available anywhere online, built-in!
  • Automatic IP update services available, update your IP lists every 4-hours!
  • Detailed log analysis

Advanced Cloaking for Beginners and Pros

While appealing to the advanced cloaker by including hard-hitting, juicy features that really matter, WordPress Cloaker also offers novice users the easiest possible cloaking solution with absolutely simple setup and configuration.

No more difficult installation procedures. No more huge learning curves. No more complicated template configurations. No more spending weeks or months painfully digging through disorganized forums to learn to use a complex software that you just don’t have the time to learn.

“I have officially washed my hands of all the old, clunky cloaking tools of the past. WordPress Cloaker is where it’s at.

Here’s what I like about this software…

It is simple, fast and it works. If someone can’t get at least 100’s of extra daily visitors using WPC, they’re flat out not even trying. And, the 60 second install is sweet! I’m hooked.”

– Ryan, Portland, OR

WordPress Cloaker was designed to take the headache out of cloaking. By utilizing the simple infrastructure of the popular, widely-used WordPress Blog Software, WordPress Cloaker makes cloaking EASY!

As you will soon discover, installation is a breeze, setup and configuration takes no time at all and you can easily be cloaking minutes after you download WordPress Cloaker.

To top it off, WordPress Cloaker offers super sexy, powerful cloaking features with the safest built-in security available to help put your pages in the Search Engines and help keep them there for a long time.

See what Our Customers Have to Say

“I was introduced to WordPress Cloaker from a webinar put on by top PPC Coaching site, PPC-Coach.com.

After putting Cloaker to work on my 1st PPC adwords campaign my quality score shot way up from around 5/10 to nothing but 7/10’s or higher. And, lots of 10/10’s! Nice work Joe!

Thanks so much. My PPC Profits margin is through the roof now!”

Eddie, Memphis, TN

“WordPress Cloaker is one of my all time favorite marketing tools. I installed it on 10 domains and I get almost 70% of my web traffic from cloaking now!”

Mark, Jacksonville, FL

“I hope this will be helpful to your other customers.

For as long as I can remember one of my sites kept getting visitors for a popular keyword phrase that our site doesn’t offer a product to cover. We just happen to be ranked for those specific keywords.

One day I decided to apply WordPress Cloaker to target visitors searching for that particular keyword term on Google. I redirected those visitors to an affiliate program I signed up for. This company sells the product my visitors were searching for and they offer a 10% commission on sales of that product.

Well, that lead to a pretty eye-opening moment for me. That next day was the first day we ever earned revenue off those visitors. We are ranked #7 in Google for the keyword and I had no idea that would translate to an extra $100/day in earnings! It felt great to be able to make that happen and I owe it to WPC.

To think, I could have been doing this for 2 years. WordPress Cloaker is worth its weight in gold.”

Todd, Chicago, IL

“Cloaking is new to me but in the last few weeks it has become my most prized new find. I have already started to experience new listings on Google and Yahoo. Thanks a bunch for introducing me to a new approach that actually works.”

Susy, Liverpool, UK

“You’ve really impressed me with this tool. I am currently making over $4,000/mo and I’ve only been using WordPress Cloaker for four months. Every month I build new sites and my income increases — steady and easy. I LOVE WordPress Cloaker!”

Rin, Boston, MA

Time Limited Offer: To keep WordPress Cloaker from becoming too over-saturated, we will pull WordPress Cloaker off the shelves as soon as we have 1000 users. This is for the good of the community. If you think WordPress Cloaker is right for you, be sure to get your copy today! There is no guarantee it will still be available tomorrow.

What will I get?

By purchasing your own copy of WordPress Cloaker today, here’s what you can expect:

  • WordPress Cloaker opens up doors to creative traffic generating techniques that would be impossible to do otherwise.
  • Cloaking is especially useful when building optimized pages specifically for the Search Engines. Those well SEO’d pages are easy to get listed in Google. You can then instantly redirect all search engine visitors to any pages you want.
  • You should be in control of where visitors are sent on your site. Don’t leave it up to chance.
  • If someone searches for “blue widgets”, you can redirect them to an affiliate site or any other site of your choice. If they search for “yellow widgets” you can send them somewhere else. It’s easy!
  • Combine the power of WordPress Cloaker with a quality content generator to create hundreds of pages of unique keyword rich content and you have yourself a money-making-machine. WordPress Cloaker works perfectly adjoined with many content generation techniques.
WordPress Cloaker Pricing
Quantity Cost
Up to 5 Sites $97 Buy Now!
Up to 10 sites $147 (save 70%) Buy Now!
Unlimited License $197 (best value) Buy Now!
Order with Confidence! Place your order today. If you don’t love WordPress Cloaker, email us within 30-days for a 100% money back guarantee!

Three FREE Bonuses!

Not Convinced Yet?

Let me sweeten the pot a little!

There is only one thing missing from the WordPress Cloaker system to turn WordPress Cloaker into a full-fledged Auto-Blog Creation system:

Automated Content Generation Power Tools

If you want to truly make your blogs, auto-blogs, you are going to need good, quality auto-generated content. There is no easy way around this. To do it, you need to have the right tools for the job. In most cases, that means purchasing additional tools and, that can get expensive, fast. Thats why we have developed our own tools for this purpose, and our content generation tools are the best tools available anywhere on the Net.

As a bonus to early purchasers of WordPress Cloaker, for a very limited time, we are giving away our advanced suite of content generation tools, for free. If you purchase WordPress Cloaker Unlimited License package today, we will include our three very powerful, never-before-seen content generation plugins, absolutely FREE!

This offer is ONLY good for a short time! After that, these bonuses will ONLY be available to purchase separately at FULL price!

This is our gift to you as an early bird customer!

Buy the unlimited license version of WordPress Cloaker today and receive the following bonuses, absolutely FREE!

WP Tube: WordPress YouTube Content Generator

  • Let WP Tube find and post keyword targeted YouTube videos to your blog on a schedule, every day!
  • Target different languages
  • Advanced spinning features allow you to create more unique content
  • Template features automatically post keyword specific content for each video
  • Cron Support

With WP Tube, you can pull keyword driven video and written content to your blogs. With our built-in templating and advanced spinning features, it is easy to make unique, keyword rich content for ANY NICHE, in seconds.

This is a fully automated plugin that can pull content every day or can pre-populate your blogs with content for fast results.

Value: $77Click Here to Buy WP Tube for Only $77!

Note: After the early bird bonus offer expires, we will actually be selling this and the following bonus tools for the prices listed. We are not just throwing out numbers (ie., $77). The value is very real and these are full, commercially licensed products being given away to YOU as bonuses and are available nowhere else!

WP Feeder: RSS Feed Content Poster

  • Pull targeted content from any RSS Feed
  • Our spinner plugin helps you create more unique content for every post
  • Separate posts to numerous categories
  • Post between a user-defined date range
  • Unlimited number of posts per day – you decide!
  • Keyword Filtering features

WP Feeder allows you to pull targeted content from any RSS Feed related to your niche. We provide all the instructions and guidance to make this a simple, effective traffic generation method for users of any skill-level.

Value: $67Click Here to Buy WP Feeder for Only $67!

WP Scraper: Scrape Full Articles

  • Scrape full articles from any RSS Feed
  • Schedule posts to multiple categories
  • User-defined date range feature
  • Full Cron support
  • Unlimited post capabilities – No limits!
  • Posts-Per-Day feature
  • Keyword Filtering features
  • Content spinning for more unique content

Imagine having the ability to grab full, highly optimized articles from sources around the web that are otherwise limited with standard RSS content grabbers. With WP Scraper you can scrape full articles from any RSS Feed or blog including ezinearticles databases, isnare, etc.

Value: $97Click Here to Buy WP Scraper for Only $97!

That’s $241 in Bonuses!

Complete Auto-Blog System!

WordPress Cloaker combined with WP Tube, WP Feeder and WP Scraper makes this The 1ST AND ONLY fully-automated Auto-blog poster + Cloaker system anywhere online!

That’s more than DOUBLE your value in BONUSES and FREE Downloads – just for purchasing today and taking advantage of this one-time, Early Bird Bonus!

Order Today!

Don’t wait! Order your copy of WordPress Cloaker and a Full, Unlimited License today for only $197 and get, included, our content generation package, FREE!

WordPress Cloaker Pricing
Quantity Cost
Up to 5 Sites $97 Buy Now!
Up to 10 sites $147 (save 70%) Buy Now!
Unlimited License $197 (best value) Buy Now!
Order with Confidence! Place your order today. If you don’t love WordPress Cloaker, email us within 30-days for a 100% money back guarantee!

Still Need More Convincing?

Professional Videos and Dedicated Support

If all this wasn’t enough already, WordPress Cloaker also comes with a full block of high-quality instructional videos to make setup a breeze!

Learning a new software can sometimes be a daunting task. We have taken this into consideration by doing two things:

  • Making the software as EASY TO USE as possible by stripping out heavy, clunky, unnecessary features that just get in the way of productivity.
  • And, by taking any and all guesswork out of the installation and setup process for you through the use of professional quality screencasts that will guide you every step of the way.

And, Don’t Forget Our…

100% Moneyback Guarantee!

Order with Confidence! Place your order today. If you don’t love WordPress Cloaker, email us within 30-days for a 100% money back guarantee!